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Statistical Paradoxes



Do you understand the meaning of the P-value? Do you know when to apply non-parametric tests and which test? Do you know what confounders are and how you adjust for them by stratification? Do you understand conditional probability and Bayes theorem?


These short courses will help you gain confidence to understand such concepts. Some background knowledge of basic mathematics is assumed. If you want to find out if you have the necessary skills, try this diagnostic quiz. You should be able to answer all questions confidently.


We can also run these courses off site, tailored for your needs. Contact us for more details.


Target audience:

• Clinical Scientists and trainee Clinical Scientists
• Doctors
• Nurses
• Healthcare Scientists
• Allied Health Professionals
• PhD students

• Clinical Psychologists
• Medical Researchers

Aims of the courses:

To understand how statistical analysis and decision theory can be applied in medicine. You will learn how to analyse data and correctly interpret statistical findings in scientific publications. The course is backed up by a number of examples from the medical literature with practical demonstrations and exercises on how to carry out analysis. Some basic prior knowledge is assumed such as “Normal Distribution”, “mean”, “median”, “histogram”, etc.



These courses satisfy the requirements for IPEM and HCPC CPD schemes.

All participants receive a full set of lecture notes and a certificate of attendance.


Alternative courses:

We also offer these other courses:

  • a 2-day residential course (coming soon)

  • a 1-week course with practical sessions (click here)